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Our goal is to make advanced technologies available for everyone. We use them in the process of creating our own products. We are a gruoup of people in diffrent stages of life's, but everyone in our team is passionate about things we do. We are visioners. We are creators. Our passions are advanced techlonogis, education, games, augentment reality and more. We want to share our ideas, but simultaneously we want help people in the whole world. We want extraordinery things in ordinery life.

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Our activity is based on knowledge, new technologies and creativity. We are using them to make everyday life more convienient. We want to have a full use of resources that are avaible right now. We always have in mind to be sustainable and as much enviromentally friendly as possible. Our work is based on three philars: needs and resources, the Internet of Things and augmented reality.

  • Needs and resources

    Each solution that we design or implement is based on precisely identified needs and resources that are available in a given place and time.

  • internet of things

    We make sure that human-machine communication and communication between machines enable the analysis of information, and the implementation of activities that are important from the perspective of the customer needs.

  • Augmented reality

    We connect the virtual world with the real one. We transform objects of everyday use and work into bridges between the analog and digital world.

Passion and responsibility

We are a group of people with love in our hearts to what we do and what we create. We really enjoy development and challangeing our selfs. We are also very reliable – we take our job very seriously! Working with us, you will find out that expierience, passion and creativity are the keys to success in imprementation of innovations.

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